Friday, January 22, 2010

Online shopping is the devil

I was browsing for a dress to wear to a cousin's wedding, and stopped at, of course. I scoffed at the price tag on the dress I wanted the most. Thankfully, I am a reluctlant shopper. While shopping this week for a rehearsal dinner dress, I found that the dress was now almost 75% off! Hooray! I also NEEDED this mug, pictured below, for the honeymoon. Dailey coffee on a honeymoon would not caffeinate me the same without it! It was sold out, so I put in a "notify me when it's restocked" request, and alas! It's been a week for good shopping. I threw the headband in for good measure, since modcloth is $7 flat rate shipping!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Look! Pie!

and other things I've made that I'd like to share. wahoo!

My name is Meghan. I work at the library. It's nuts.

I am getting married on February 27th. It's also nuts!

Here is me and my fiance above. That picture was taken last May at the Krohn Conservatory. He has been growing that beard since May of 2006, and the other day, he shaved almost all of it off!
Picture to follow once I get my camera back from a friend.