Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Burger Challenge #31

Quatman Cafe

The Monday night special: Cheeseburger, fries and a drink for $6.19. You can get beer as a drink? Sold. They have Hudepohl? Hand it over.

The Quatman burger is unapologetically plain, just the way I like it. No, really. I like on my burger:
-raw onion

The cheeseburger here came with exactly that. The burger was juicy, spanned the entire circumference of the bun, and didn't break apart. Ryan could hold it in one hand, beer in the other, and keep his eyes on the Monday night football game and not have to worry about a chunk of beef falling out.

For a cheap date, this was the best bang for the buck so far. The fries could be better, but they haven't changed since I was in high school and came here with my friend who lived in the neighborhood. While, dining, I even overheard that that friend's Grandmother had passed away the previous evening. Norwood's a tight place.

For dessert in Norwood, you need to go to United Dairy Farmers and get the $1.99 special, which changes every month, and this month happened to be a 2-dip, make your own sundae. Apple pie ice cream with butterscotch sauce. Yeah. This rounds out your evening to approximately $20.

We got a souvenir, too. Quatman also has a deli, and a beer fridge. What more does a neighborhood need?

This is the twelfth trip of our burger challenge; to eat at all 40 places on Cincinnati Magazine's list of the best burgers in town and Quatman Cafe was number 31 on the list, hence the title of this post.

Here is what we've had so far:
# 7 Oakley Pub and Grill
#9 Keystone Bar and Grill
#17 Arthur's
#19 Cafe de Wheels
#24 Zola
#25 Chalk Food + Wine
#26 Five Guys
#28 Doris and Sonny's Homelike Restaurant
#35 Gordo's Cafe
#36 By Golly's
#37 Fatburger

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  1. So which has been your favorite so far?

  2. Chalk was for sure the best. Unfortunately, it is not the kind of place you can just go to when craving a burger.