Sunday, September 5, 2010

Burger Challenge #24

Zola Covington, KY

image via Metromix

This here (above) was my burger, the Black and Blue. I ordered it because I love blue cheese. Upon glancing at the menu, I thought it was also supposed to come with bacon. When it arrived without bacon, I asked the waitress why, and she said that it wasn't supposed to.

Oh. Bummer. Oh, well. It was really good anyway. The "blue cheese" was actually a blue cheese sauce, which I liked, because usually blue cheese doesn't melt enough and falls out of the bun. This stuff was nice and spreadable.

This was the Zola burger, which my Mother-in-law got, and it comes topped with bacon and shaved ham. Geezle-petes. She also got the asian slaw, which was that ramen noodle stuff. It was really good.

Mr. Pie also got the Zola burger, and he opted for the fries.

This is the seventh trip of our burger challenge; to eat at all 40 places on Cincinnati Magazine's list of the best burgers in town and Zola was number 24 on the list, hence the title of this post.

Here is what we've had so far:
# 7 Oakley Pub and Grill
#9 Keystone Bar and Grill
#25 Chalk Food + Wine
#26 Five Guys
#28 Doris and Sonny's Homelike Restaurant
#35 Gordo's Cafe

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