Monday, August 30, 2010

Burger Challenge # 25

Chalk Food + Wine
Covington, KY

Image above via Metromix

even though the image above it teeny-tiny, it's the only one I could find that wasn't from someone else's blog!

Burger #25 on the Cincinnati Magazine list of best burgers in the tri-state is the bison burger from Chalk Food and Wine. Now, here is where things are misleading. The list in the magazine points out the number on the list for the restaurant, it's name, it's location, and the recommended burger on the list. Also, the price of said burger. The bison burger that was tasted by the writers of this article was $11.75 and it wasn't the most expensive one they tried. Imagine our surprise when we got there to find out that the burger was actually $17. And it wasn't bison, it was black angus. The reason behind this is the fact that Chalk only uses local, in-season ingrediants for everything they serve. Bison must be out of season and black angus must cost more.

We both took our parents. My Mom and I shared the Fig and Caramelized Onion tart, above, which was garnished with pickled bing cherries and whipped, vanilla, mascarpone cheese. It was heavenly. I would have been content to leave it at that.

Ryan and his Mom shared this Houtz cheese from a local farm. It was served with diced dragon fruit (I think. I didn't ask what it was, but it had to be something local, right?) and bread. They loved it. The bread was good by itself, too.

And here she is. She was monserous, served with swiss chard and duck fat fries and almost impossible to finish. If she'd been served with the magazine peeps were in, I'm sure she'd have ranked higher than #25.

I ordered "medium" done, which is what I always get. My Mom made me get things well done when I was younger to prevent food poisoning, so I never liked burgers when I was little, if you can believe that. Since I've grown up and can order things myself, I've discovered otherwise.
They butcher everything in house at Chalk, and don't waste anything. Here is the Black Angus New York Strip that Ryan ordered, probably from the same cow.

Now, if you want the same things you see above, hurry, because I'm sure the menu is going to change any minute!

Not pictured: they only serve local, craft beers!

This is the fifth trip of our burger challenge; to eat at all 40 places on Cincinnati Magazine's list of the best burgers in town and Chalk was number 25 on the list, hence the title of this post.

Here is what we've had so far:
# 7 Oakley Pub and Grill
#9 Keystone Bar and Grill
#26 Five Guys
#35 Gordo's Cafe

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