Thursday, December 16, 2010

Indian Snacks Taste Test, Take 1!

Ryan's friend, Shashi, asked Ryan to write him a recommendation for a job, and after doing so, gave him a couple of fun, Indian snacks as a little "Thank You."

Ryan and I weren't really sure what to do. We had no idea what the hell they were.

We decided to photo-document the tasting, that's what.

The first item on the list was "Soan Papdi." The description was "traditional Indian Flaky Sweet with Almonds & Pistachios."

How can that be bad? I've eaten a whole whole lot of Indian food in my life, mostly from Ambar India on Ludlow St in Cincinnati, but I've never been to an Indian market to pick up "real" Indian food. I know! For shame!

Foreign nutrition labels are so...unstandardized.

There was an extensive amount of packaging involved.

It reminded Ryan of construction paper.

It broke so easily in our hands.
The flavor was so beautiful and sweet. Really satisfying and filling. Not at all like eating a cupcake or something. Two bites and we were done.
It was very similar to Halva, which I also like and comes in vanilla flavor.

Stay tuned for a savory, spicy snack! I might just have to go to an Indian store and see what they have!

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