Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spotted Dick. Insert "Tee Hee Hees" here.

BWAHAHAHAHAH! What? What in the hay hell is spotted dick? I opened my locker at Barnes and Noble once to find a large can labeled just such with a little Christmas bow on it. It had a Heinz logo on it, and said "sponge pudding*." My friend and co-worker had been grocery shopping and found it in the "international section" with other "British foods." She thought it was so hilarious that she bought it for all of her friends for Christmas. I thought it was pretty funny, too.

It's been sitting on a shelf in my kitchen as a conversation piece for about 4 years now. A British co-worker did not understand why this was so funny, and promptly ate his. I wanted to eat mine, too, since it smelled really good and gingerbready, but I like keeping it around, and they don't carry at my local Kro-ghetto.
Cut to a couple weeks ago, while shopping at a different grocery store with my friends, and I saw a little twin pack! I had to buy it and do a taste test!
When my friend first gave me that can for Christmas, I immediately went to Google to try to find info, but all I got for hits were pictures of people in grocery stores holding cans and laughing. I mean, what did I expect?
It came in a little, plastic container that was sorta like a pudding cup. It's called Spotted Dick, by the way, because it's spotted by currants. The "dick" part is from bastardizing Old English and German words for pudding, thick, and dough. You can read more about it here.
You peel off the metal lid, then nuke it for 30 seconds. This isn't usually how it's done, by the way. It's usually steamed in a pot.
And invert onto a plate, like so. It was super moist and crumbly. Gingerbready and raisiny. Maybe even some candied ginger and citrus peel. It makes me want to find a recipe!Have YOU ever bought a food you didn't know anything about, just to taste it?

*imagine me using air quotes when I talk about this stuff.

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