Monday, October 31, 2011

Brownie Cupcake Bites 2 Points Plus

Here we are in our 2nd installment in testing out Weight Watchers Points Plus recipes from the weekly meetings! This was the recipe for this past week, October 23rd - 29th, 2011.
 The original recipe for36 mini cupcakes was changed by me to make 12 larger cupcakes. This affected the points plus value. Yes,
 Yes, this muffin tin is really well-loved. Probably older than me.
 The end resulting cupcake didn't need a proportionately larger amount of cool whip for the frosting, so that brought the points plus down a little.
 They were super dense and fudgey. We used Duncan Hines brand brownie mix.
They were scarey good!

I made the following modifications, which affected the points plus value:
- I used a 19.2 ounce box of brownie mix instead of 21.
- I decreased the amount of icing by about 1/3. Anymore wouldn't have fit on top of each cupcake.
- I baked them about 5 minutes longer than the original directions. Just because of their size.

Mine ended up as 6 points plus with the things I changed in e-tools.

I highly recommend them! I'll keep making them all year

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  1. yummy!! they look delicious and i love candy corn!!