Thursday, September 30, 2010

Burger Challenge #37


Yup, closed. And didn't appear to relocate either. Bummer. Good thing we ate there about a year ago. Too bad we didn't take pictures. If you ever come across one in your travels, I'd recommend it. Queen Latifah does, too.

This is the eleventh trip of our burger challenge; to eat at all 40 places on Cincinnati Magazine's list of the best burgers in town and Fatburger was number 37 on the list, hence the title of this post.

Here is what we've had so far:
# 7 Oakley Pub and Grill
#9 Keystone Bar and Grill
#17 Arthur's
#19 Cafe de Wheels
#24 Zola
#25 Chalk Food + Wine
#26 Five Guys
#28 Doris and Sonny's Homelike Restaurant
#35 Gordo's Cafe
#36 By Golly's

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  1. Though I am personally sad to see fatburger closed, my collective cholesterol counts are quite pleased.