Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My favorite fall tradition

Is the campfire every year at my Brother-in-law's cabin. This year, it was two weeks before Cyndi gave birth, but we didn't know that yet.
Here is where the beer and snacks are kept.
Here is one of the guard dogs. They love the cabin! This is Dusty. She is possibly the greatest dog in the world and the sweetest. You know that dog in the Pixar film, "Up" named "Dug?" Well, Dusty is basically Dug. All she wants is love. Also, she has camouflage ability. Look at her blending into the floor!
Our friend Mike in front of the fire. These photos were too crazy to not include. Doesn't it kinda look like he is burning in hell?

Some years, we burn really crazy things like pumpkins. This year, we burned a couple bottles.
Husband and Wes, enamored by the fire. Wes brought moonshine this year. There is something fun about moonshine, even though it tastes like nail polish remover.
The weather for it was perfect this year. Not too hot, not too cold.
This dog is a meany head. He loves people, but he hates hands. If you try to touch him, he'll bite the living day lights out of you. Actually, he just nips really hard and growls, but it scares the pants off ya.
Cindy (other "Cyndi", who is dating Mike), Jenny and Kelly (brother-in-law)
Kelly's cabin is in Mt. Washington, KY, A.K.A. the middle of nowhere. Actually, something interesting did happen there relatively recently...
But that's in the past. Here and now, we're enjoying s'mores.
Here is the cabin. Not much to look at in the dark. Actually, nothing is much to look at in the dark.
Triple threat. Have any of you tried those strawberry flavored marshmallows, or those new gingerbread ones??? Has anyone ever made a s'more with a peep? I bet that would be freakin' fantastic.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Here we are again

The people at Michaels are seriously going to have us committed.

You know what I haven't had in forever? Pepper Jack Cheese.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not giving everyone Whooping Cough is my gift to the world this Christmas

Today, two awesome things were going to happen! In anticipation, I got up early.This rainbow wasn't there when I woke up, but it felt like it!

My first stop was the ATM. I needed cash for the amazing things that were about to take place. $100, Mr. Money Machine, please!

First stop, the doctor! Why? I needed a Pertussis vaccine! Why? I have a new nephew! Yay! He is very special. He came 2 months early, weighs 3 lbs, and has to live in a french fry warmer until he chunks out.And we can't go see him at the hospital until we're immunized. I already got a Flu vaccine 2 weeks ago, which, with my insurance, was free. Yay, free things! Maybe my pertussis vaccine would be free, too!

But it wasn't.

It was $84.

Leaving me with $16 to spend at Crafty Supermarket. The other awesome thing of the day.

This is comparable to having $200 to spend on a car. Should you even get a car if that's all you have? Maybe you should just take the bus. Will you have enough money to feed yourself and your husband until you get paid again? Will you be able to afford gas to drive to Louisville to see your new nephew anyway? Well, maybe you should just look around at least. After all, IT'S THE FREAKIN' CRAFTY MOTHER-LOVING SUPERMARKET FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!

So I went anyway. There were amazing things. I couldn't decide which one thing to buy. I went small. A little magnet made from a polaroid picture from One Pearl Button. I really like her blog, anyway.

It is nice to look at when my arm hurts from the shot and I can't open the fridge.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

And then we all rolled around in the leaves

I love Autumn. It's the best.

My husband is crazy!

Oh, and then Charlie joined us. He's our 26 year old adopted son.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What working girls do

This is my friend Lara. When we're not taking pictures of ourselves in the hot pink bathroom at Northside Tavern, she does this:
Yes, stand adorably in a cute little store. And sell cookies. That she makes. WITH AMAZING THINGS ON THEM.

What do we have here? It looks like two hearts. On a log. Chained to a thundercloud. With lightning bolts. That's all.

It's buttery, shortbread bliss.
I didn't make up that buttery, shortbread bliss part; it's their slogan. But it is true. Go eat one.


check out the sweet designs you can get on your cookie. There's plenty more where the above awesome cookie came from. If you ever see them for sale at a food show or something, buy one. You won't regret it and your taste buds won't forget it. That frosting on top is chocolate.

What have we here?

A video about Tracy Walker singing about the greatest city in the world? Why, yes, I believe it is.

And then, we have a video about the street I live on. Like, the greatest street ever.