Saturday, September 18, 2010

Burger Challenge #36

By Golly's Milford, OH
By Golly's is right outside of Milford's little downtown area, where St. Andrews and all the gun shops are. I hadn't been to this neck of the woods since my family lived in Milford in the 80s. We were really excited because we had a $20 Groupon that I bought for $10. Our strategy was going on a Monday in the afternoon. Every Monday, the burgers are half price and everyday between 2-6, apps are B1G1. They also have pitchers of Miller High Life for $4.75. We were totally pumped about our sweet deal.

First, there was something wrong with the tap, and the beer was warm, so we couldn't get our pitchers of Miller High Life. The server offered bottles instead. That was O.K.

Our first app was battered, deep fried, pickled jalapeno slices, which they call bottle caps, and are served in a football with Servati's bistro sauce. They were delicious.

We took a tip from the Cincinnati Magazine article and ordered the waffle fries, fully loaded. These were also awesome. Just a little spicy and super crispy. At this poitnt, we decided that this place would be worth coming to just for the beer and snacks.

We had an extremely difficult time choosing our burgers. There were only about 10 different varieties, but they all looked awesome. We decided to go with the ones we wanted the most, and we would just keep coming back so that we could try them all.

Here is my burger, the Sunny Day, which is topped with cheddar cheese, an over hard egg and goetta.

We both ordered our burgers medium, and at By Golly's, that meant closer to medium-well, just just be prepared.

Ryan got the Masters burger, which was topped with pimento cheese. He loved it.

Then the bill came and we handed over a credit card and the Groupon. This is when our server told us that we couldn't use the Groupon for half price burgers and B1G1 apps. We were crushed. At Arthur's, our server let us use our Groupon for Burger Madness day. We pouted and told the server that it doesn't say that on the Groupon. She pointed out that the fine print reads "not to be combined with any other offers." She told us to save it for next time, since we'd shared with her our plans for coming back to try all the burgers. Ryan and I read eachother's minds, and I told the server to charge us full price for everything so that we could use the Groupon. We probably won't be going back, despite the fact that the food was great.

This is the ninth trip of our burger challenge; to eat at all 40 places on Cincinnati Magazine's list of the best burgers in town and By Golly's was number 36 on the list, hence the title of this post.

Here is what we've had so far:
# 7 Oakley Pub and Grill
#9 Keystone Bar and Grill
#17 Arthur's
#24 Zola
#25 Chalk Food + Wine
#26 Five Guys
#28 Doris and Sonny's Homelike Restaurant
#35 Gordo's Cafe

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  1. I hate when places get snippy about Groupons! They drive so much traffic, why nitpick?