Thursday, September 30, 2010

How to decorate for Halloween

In 31 Easy Steps!

First, approach your closet or storage space. It can be pretty scary in there!

Get out the bins on Halloween decorations.

Asses the contents.
You've worked hard so far. Get a beer. Preferably a seasonal, craft brew.
Dress your beer up for Halloween! It is going to be a Union soldier in the Civil War.
Note how cute your kitty looks, all matchy-matchy.
Lay everything out on the floor and sort into categories. Here we have general decor.
Here are some housewares.
Crafty things.
Costumes of years gone by.
A towel in the bin! Sweet! You needed an extra towel!
Put the costumes away. You won't need them this year.
Write a card to your Mother-in-Law. She will crack up.

Test lights. They work. Leave them on the floor. They look good there, no?
Put the usual things in their usual places.

And the not so usual things in their not so usual places.

Put some candy corn in a vase. This is my favorite, super cheap decoration. Remind Dear Husband not to eat these because they are 7 years old.
Put this crap everywhere. It's so fun!

Remember making these with your Mexican friend. Those were good times.
This is Javier. He actually stays out all year.
This is up all year, too. She was bought at Indigenous, and made by an artists whose name escapes me at the moments. Crap. I know it was Melissa. Can't remember her last name. She was married to one of the guys from The Stapletons.
You did a great job! Get another beer!

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  1. Haha - love it! We don't really decorate for Halloween; maybe we should start? Your beer's costume is awesome.