Thursday, February 24, 2011

Green B.E.A.N. Delivery

It must be Wednesday!

Tragically, our local, independent grocer closed this past January. It was the only grocery store we could walk to, and although we can drive to Kroger, we signed up to have local, organic groceries delivered to our door.
What treasures will it hold this week?
There is a cooler inside the bin to keep everything cold until you get home. They pick up your empty bin and leave a full one.

This week, we got:
green leaf lettuce

and you have to add at least $10 worth of other groceries so we got:
Seven Hills Highlander Grogg
Honey Whole Wheat Bread from Sweet William Bakery
Local ground turkey (awesome, because we ONLY eat local meat!)

This service is the bomb. It's like Christmas every week. It has also encouraged us to try cooking new things, like fennel and bok choy, which we had eaten, but never prepared!

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