Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Blog Feature! Unidentifiable Polish Products!

 I love living in an "Ethnic Neighborhood." In Cincinnati, when you said you lived in a "German neighborhood" or an "Italian Neighborhood," it meant that that area was settled by them 100 years ago and there is still some Bavarian style housing or a couple of bakeries around that sell rainbow cookies.
 Here in NYC, though, when you say you live in a Polish Neighborhood, which is what Greenpoint mostly is, it means that every other business is a Polish one, and about 75% of your neighbors (I'm guessing) are Polish. And I don't mean "of Polish decent," I mean actually born in that place and immigrated to the United States and speak Polish amongst their peers.
 And buy Polish products that are readily available. Ryan and I love experimenting with unfamiliar food stuffs. We've decided that we're going to buy something we don't understand and give it a whirl.
Unfortunately, we choose the grossest thing possible for the first taste test. I thought that being a Kraft product, they would have a nostalgic Hostess cake like quality, but these gingerbread cakes stuffed with apple jam and covered in chocolate (sounded so good) were out of this world plastic tasting. Better luck next time, I guess.

Anyone know any good Polish products we should try?

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