Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bun in the oven

Guess what? I am 15 weeks pregnant! Well, technically, tomorrow I will be 15 weeks pregnant. With this new journey ahead, I promise to blog more. Seriously. This time I mean it. I have a lot to say! 
 I want to take belly photos every week.
At 15 weeks, I find that the lie my OB told me about pregnancy nausea diminishing at 10 weeks is a lie. I frequently wake up feeling awful, and not wanting to do anything that day, so we don't plan anything. Then, later on, I feel OK, so I'll suggest we go out. The second we get there, I want to ralph again.

So far, the baby has told me, very excitedly, that it DOES NOT like pizza, baked ziti, coffee, captain crunch, cheeseburgers, macaroni and cheese, tater tots and hushpuppies.

It does, however, go through phases where it really loves avocados, plain rice, beans, mangoes, plain yogurt, plain potatoes, club soda.

Basically, it has a much better grip on nutrition than it's parents.

Huh, you think you're so smart baby?

Yeah, it's pretty smart.

Welp, I hope I still have at least one reader out there. I missed you guys, but I've been reading all of YOUR blogs in the mean time. Holler if you're still reading!


  1. holler! holler! i am just dying of excitement and joy. expect random parcels from SF to start showing up incessantly :)

    OVERJOYED! i love you.

  2. Holler! Babies are so fun, pregnancy not so much. Glad you're back to blogging.

  3. Yay for pregnancy announcements! :) I read! :)

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! yay for more blogs.