Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What working girls do

This is my friend Lara. When we're not taking pictures of ourselves in the hot pink bathroom at Northside Tavern, she does this:
Yes, stand adorably in a cute little store. And sell cookies. That she makes. WITH AMAZING THINGS ON THEM.

What do we have here? It looks like two hearts. On a log. Chained to a thundercloud. With lightning bolts. That's all.

It's buttery, shortbread bliss.
I didn't make up that buttery, shortbread bliss part; it's their slogan. But it is true. Go eat one.


check out the sweet designs you can get on your cookie. There's plenty more where the above awesome cookie came from. If you ever see them for sale at a food show or something, buy one. You won't regret it and your taste buds won't forget it. That frosting on top is chocolate.


  1. I WANT THAT COOKIE. Please, please bring me to the cookies. You had me at "lightning bolt." <3

  2. aaawww that is such a cute picture of the cookie store...