Saturday, November 20, 2010

Not giving everyone Whooping Cough is my gift to the world this Christmas

Today, two awesome things were going to happen! In anticipation, I got up early.This rainbow wasn't there when I woke up, but it felt like it!

My first stop was the ATM. I needed cash for the amazing things that were about to take place. $100, Mr. Money Machine, please!

First stop, the doctor! Why? I needed a Pertussis vaccine! Why? I have a new nephew! Yay! He is very special. He came 2 months early, weighs 3 lbs, and has to live in a french fry warmer until he chunks out.And we can't go see him at the hospital until we're immunized. I already got a Flu vaccine 2 weeks ago, which, with my insurance, was free. Yay, free things! Maybe my pertussis vaccine would be free, too!

But it wasn't.

It was $84.

Leaving me with $16 to spend at Crafty Supermarket. The other awesome thing of the day.

This is comparable to having $200 to spend on a car. Should you even get a car if that's all you have? Maybe you should just take the bus. Will you have enough money to feed yourself and your husband until you get paid again? Will you be able to afford gas to drive to Louisville to see your new nephew anyway? Well, maybe you should just look around at least. After all, IT'S THE FREAKIN' CRAFTY MOTHER-LOVING SUPERMARKET FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!!

So I went anyway. There were amazing things. I couldn't decide which one thing to buy. I went small. A little magnet made from a polaroid picture from One Pearl Button. I really like her blog, anyway.

It is nice to look at when my arm hurts from the shot and I can't open the fridge.

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