Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Birthday to me, Love, Monica

 This being the first time in a decade that I haven't spent my birthday in Cincinnati, my sister, Monica, sent me a Sprinkles gift card so that I could buy myself some cupcakes!

 Here we have salty caramel, vanilla, vegan red velvet and dark chocolate.
 And outside of Sprinkles on the way home, I found out that Jesus is coming to town for my birthday. He can have a cupcake, too.
 Do not eat those decorations on top. They taste like chalk.

 I always get Sprinkles every Friday after my Weight Watchers meetings. I'm attempting to try every flavor. The salty caramel (seasonal 2x per year) and chai latte are my faves so far.
This Friday, Orange Cranberry flavor comes out. I'm really excited about that one because I always loved the orange cranberry bagels from bagel stores in Cincinnati. I'll have to wait until December for the eggnog ones and peppermint ones.
 I shared them.
Katie, who flew in for the Quidditch World Cup, got the vegan red velvet, which I bought for her knowing that she is a vegan. What I did not know was that it was also her birthday. How awesome!

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