Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NYC Honey Festival!

 Celebrating the first year of legal beekeeping in NYC! Does that surprise you? It sure surprised me.
 I love how this looks like an ant farm. A delicious, sting-y ant farm.
 These are really nice. My Mom raises bees and her boxes are not this fancy.
 This was the first year for this event, and as events in their infancy go, there wasn't much to see. We distracted ourselves with tacos.
 This sign made me laugh until I cried.
 Rockaway beach (yes, from the song) is waaaaay classier than Coney.
 It was cold, but there were a few brave souls.
 One lonely surfer.
A lot of glass on this beach, too. That's what you get when people sell beer from popsicle carts.

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