Monday, November 26, 2012

Momofuku Milk Bar

OMG, do you know about Milk Bar? I did not until I moved to NYC. It's amazing. And I've only been there once. We got 2 pieces of pie that I will never forget.


How could you go to a bakery and not order the "crack pie" and the "candy bar pie?" I do not know. And such fancy packaging. That part was a little discerning. I like to order a slice of something from a bakery and watch them slice into it and move it to a container. It gets all messy but that's OK because it tastes the same in my mouth. When I ordered these, they pulled them out of the fridge just like this, despite the whole, sliced pies sitting on the counter. I frowned a little when that happened.


And they were in even more packaging. When were these things baked?


First up on the devouring plate was the crack pie. I can't even describe this. It was butterscotch-y. A little chewy. Pretty salty. Pretty amazing. Normally, especially lately, I'll eat 2 pieces of pie, but 1/2 a piece of this was enough.



And then candy bar pie. I liked the saltiness of the pretzels, but the whole thing was a little much. I would get 2 pieces of crack pie next time.


I think I will pick up their cookbook to make crack pie on my own. I'll also go back to try the other things they serve, like cereal milk and pork buns! Cereal milk? It's cereal flavored milk! Think captain crunch and lucky charms! They even make soft serve with it!

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  1. What a let down. Crack Pie. Really?  Crack (heroin) addicts are addicted and cannot (seem to) survive a day without the illegal drug, and yet you could only put half a slice of Crack Pie into your system. Maybe it should be called Crap Pie.