Monday, November 12, 2012

24 weeks!

I cannot believe I am 6 months pregnant. The funny thing that no one tells you about being pregnant, you're actually pregnant for 10 months. Only 9 calendar months, but 10, 4-week months. So I still have 4 months to go from today. Good thing, because we haven't done a single thing to get ready for the baby except register, clean like crazy people and read about pregnancy and childbirth. Registering for a baby wasn't as much like registering for our wedding like we thought it would be. For our wedding, we were able to imagine what we wanted and needed and how we'd use it. Our wedding registry is still active and we buy ourselves things from it for birthdays and anniversaries. We can even still edit it to add new things, like when new colors and pieces of fiesta ware come out so that we can add them to our collection!

But a baby? what the hell does a baby need? I always thought I would just register for a boatload of onesies, diapers and wipes. Does a baby really need a mobile that stimulates her eyeballs and helps her focus? Does she really need a bottle warmer if I'm going to exclusively breast feed? She doesn't need a bassinet, I'll just empty out a dresser drawer for her. But now, I find myself over thinking a lot. I want her to be the smartest baby on the planet. Will a toy that turns her into a Mensa member at age 3 be worth it? Absolutely. What if my boobs run dry and I'm not lucky enough to breast feed? I better make sure that I get some bottles and formula that someone else is willing to buy for us. Sleeping in a drawer? That's funny to think about, and I'm sure wouldn't make a difference in the long run if it had a real mattress in it, but the American Pediatric Association says that sleeping in a crib from the get go is the way to go. Well, if they say so.

Also, this week, I graduated to real maternity clothes. Long shirts and the belly band weren't cutting it anymore. Maternity pants might be the greatest thing ever. I don't understand why all other pants aren't just made this way to begin with! One of the maternity dresses I bought doubles as a nursing outfit, so I'll be able to wear it even longer.

The past 2 weeks I've been craving:
- hot chocolate
- pecan pie
- stir fried bok choy with general tso's sauce
- tom kha gai
- almond joy
- sweet tarts (gross, I don't even like sweet tarts)
- fried pickles
- cheese straws
- reese's cups

Today, I'm off for Veteran's Day, but Ryan is not :( so I'm going to redeem my birthday gift, a prenatal massage! I've never had a professional massage at a spa, so I'm really excited, and a little nervous! I requested a woman masseuse, because males always remind me of this guy that used to live upstairs from my friends who carried around lotion in a holster on his belt. Ha.

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