Monday, November 12, 2012

Some scenes from the neighborhood

 The other Saturday I woke up really early (9 A.M., I realize that will be a late morning once the baby comes), and so I ventured out to get coffees and a cross word puzzle or something. Not only was there not a single other person on the street, but there were only 3 cars parked on the main drag though our neighborhood. This is NYC, people. This kind of crap never happens. I thought the apocalypses had occurred a few months early and no one told me.
 Ryan posed for this cute photo. Little known fact: Ryan is a black belt!
 Sometimes on Saturdays, they close off the streets in Williamsburg so that you can meander through them. Someone dumped a load of sidewalk chalk in the middle so that people could graffiti. I made this.
 Just read it. It was a joke posted on a fence. I think it was a joke. I hope.
 Those little lines on the towers were the names of everyone that died.

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