Sunday, May 1, 2011

I saw it and I liked it

Here are the best things I saw out in bloggyland this past week:

1. Kaylah's Three-Post Hair Dye Instructions. She starts with bleach, then the actual dye part, then small details. I would LOVE pastel pink hair, but it's just not in my cards.
Part one: Bleach
Part two: Dye
Part three: Miscellancy

2. The Wallpaper Collective. The most beautiful wallpapers ever. Wallpapering is sadly, a lost art. I hope that someday, if Ryan and I own a home, we can put up some awesome papers like this!

3. Blueberry Crumble Pie from Cooking Light, which I saw on Jessica's Flickr account this week. The berries at Findlay Market this Spring won't know what hit them.
4. A Hula Hoop Rug? I have a million t-shirts to cut up, but I'm not sure about where to get a hula hoop. Either way, I think I might make this and then send it to Ryan for his sublet. His roommates will love it!

5. Speaking of berries, these berry-proseco juleps from one of my favorite blogging couple, Shauna and Stephen of Something's Hiding in Here are making me drool. Ryan would love them. I'll add to the list of things to do when I visit him in 3 weeks!

Thanks for all the great posts, people! Keep them coming!


  1. Hey-
    So I saw your comment on One Pearl Button about your apartment opening up- what neighborhood is it in and do you have photos or anything? We're planning on moving July 1, so timing sounds perfect. We've found a few apartments we're interested in already, but nothing for certain yet. :) Feel free to email me at micalah (dot) thayer (at) gmail (dot) com with info if you're serious. :)

  2. That rug project looks awesome. Thanks for sharing. You can get a hula hoop at Target or other big box stores. They're the newest craze in workouts.