Friday, April 29, 2011

The Butterfly Show

The annual Butterfly Show is something we do together every year at Cincinnati's Krohn Conservatory. It's very sentimental for us. We've been going every year since we've been dating.
Butterfly Show 06-15-08 009
Yes, my hair was that short, and yes, Ryan's beard was that long.
Ryan & Meghan-1842
Ryan & Meghan-1875
Ryan & Meghan-1788
And of course, it's also where we had our wedding reception.

We had to go before we left. The theme was Butterflies of Brazil.

 Uh oh. I think we were interrupting something...

 This was really called a "powderpuff plant" but I enjoyed calling it the "tribble plant."
 It was dropping tribbles everywhere!

 An art piece outside, not an actual butterfly.

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  1. Hi Meghan! i'm returning destiny's call to get to know you!
    Btw, that's a beautiful place to have a wedding!!!