Saturday, December 1, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Cookies! - Candy Cane Snowballs!

I'm going to post 12 Christmas cookies this December! I'm really excited about this project, mostly because I am a pregnant woman who gets a green light to eat cookies. Wahoo! I'll post about every other day, with a link to a recipe and photos of my own attempt. Most of the recipes will be tried and true, but a few I will try for the first time, like this one for Candy Cane Snowballs.

I re-pinned this recipe from a cousin of mine, and my own pin got more re-pins than any other pin I've ever pinned (72, so far). I thought there must be something about this recipe that I need to see for myself. My hunch was correct. These cookies really taste like Christmas. Ryan took the leftovers to work and they were gobbled up in no time!


I ground the candy canes up in my food precessor. I purposely chose red and green ones so that they would look especially festive. The photos from the original recipe show the plain red and white ones, and they also look pretty.


I ground them pretty finely, because I was afraid of that dreaded chewy, large piece of candy cane in the middle of my soft cookie. I basically ground them into powdered, peppermint sugar, and could have done a little less.


A tablespoon cookie dough scoop was the perfect size.


They looked like scoops of ice cream when baked.


I made my own frosting recipe, and you can use which ever one you like. My recipe only made enough to cover half of the batch of cookies, though.



Here is the original recipe:

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