Saturday, January 28, 2012


 Before Hurricane Irene, I panicked about the idea of rivers of water everywhere and a basement apartment that would suddenly turn into an amusement park wave pool. I bought the first pair of rain boots that I could find that came in my Paris Hilton size. They were some fugly-ass generico things from Payless and worked for the time being. Irene came and went and was lame, and I was left with character-less red boots.
 Enter Pinterest and it's wonderful advice. Some people accuse the site of being a huge waste of time, and it is, but it really is full of great ideas. I saw the bow-ed boots and knew they were just what my rainy day Ronald McDonald's needed.
I can't tell you how many compliments I got on them yesterday! Bows make a lot of things better. Not everything, like mashed potatoes, but boots, definitely.


  1. Bows do make a lot of things better. They're super cute.

  2. oh my god i LOVE this idea! those are so awesome :)

  3. I love the boots, but I'm really impressed at how skinny you're getting!