Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Don't go misconstruing the topic of this post

Well, well, well. Here we are. Yes, we made it to NYC. It took a month to get the internet.

I should post pictures of our apartment!

Our new hood!

Our hangouts!

Ryan's office!

But no.

The first blog post as a brooklynite will be on the topic of the Pickle Eating Contest that Ryan participated in. Sponsered by Brooklyn Brine and hosted by Black Rabbit, which is one block away and made us feel quite at home here, we decided we'd invite the few friends we'd made so far to watch Ryan chug some vinegar-y delights. Ryan's friend from work, Justin, couldn't resist joining, too. Here they are, ready to go.
 This is the announcer with his mega-phone. He tells us that there was a cash prize last year, but this year, they will pick up the bar-tab for the winner as a prize. Last year's winner showed up, found out there was no cash prize, and left. Apparently, he was a professional eater. Whose profession is that? Seriously. I mean, I would love to eat professionally, but I would also like a toilet seat made of gold. That's our friend Arie, in the front, in the conductor's cap.
 The chow down begins.
 What are they looking at?
 Something has caught their attention and distracted them from eating the pickles at a winning rate. We're about 2 minutes into the contest at this point.
 There were 20 whiskey sour flavored pickles in the jar. That's a lot of pickles.
 Forget it. This guy here ate all 20 pickles AND DRANK THE BRINE in less than 5 minutes. He even enjoyed some fried pickles afterward.
 Who wants to do it next year? Me! It looked like so much fun! Ryan only polished off about 5. I can totally take him!

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  1. holy pickles... this looks like an epic amount of fun. <3