Friday, September 9, 2011

Hot Dog!

A good motivation for blogging is having a friend come to visit!

Karlen and I worked together at the Clifton Branch Library, and she was our official first visitor. She was breaking the futon in for everyone else who is scheduled to arrive. She is also in love with all things food related as much as I am. Possibly more. We had so many amazing things to try. Her first request was Crif Dogs. I'd never heard of it, but they have one location in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn, which was a mere 1.2 miles away from my apartment! We had to walk there in order to burn them off.

These are NYC hot dogs, but not your average street cart puppies. These were some artsy-fartsy, fancy liberal arts college dogs. They are house made wieners, wrapped in bacon and then deep-fried.
 Karlen likes to take photos of food as well! This way, we both looked silly in there. Ryan HATES it when I take photos of food. He wants me to get a smart phone specifically so that I look more discreet when I do it.
 Karlen had The Chihuahua, which was topped with sour cream and avocado.
I had The Tsunami, which was dipped in teriyaki sauce after being fried, then topped with pineapple tidbits and green onions. It was awesome. Ryan was waaaay jealous, so we're definitely headed there together. I love showing him the things that I discover on the weekends!

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