Monday, September 19, 2011

Papacito's Mexican Street Food

 We have a place in Cincinnati called Senate, which sells gourmet-ed-up versions of street vendor food (hotdogs, burgers, poutine, beignets, etc). I LOVE Senate. My favorite thing is the Peanut Butter & Jelly & Fois Gras sandwich, which is fried in butter. I like to chase that with duck fat fries drizzled in truffle oil with some lobster mac n cheese on the side. I haven't found that yet here in New York, so I was eager to try Papacitos. What is Mexican Street Food? I had no idea. This place was the only one serving food within 4 blocks on a Sunday during the worst rainstorm New York has ever seen (nope, not Irene, it was actually 2 weeks previous, 8 total inches).
 What is that blob of saucy reddness and cheese?. The breakfast burrito comes with scrambled eggs, tater tots and tomatoes. You can order any burrito "enchilada style" which means it comes swimming in red sauce, slathered in cheese and topped with sour cream. OMG, it was amazing.
 I ate the whole thing. Clean plate club.
 Karlen opted for the daintier tacos, a pork one and a grilled fish one. They were O.K.
And I got a ginger pineapple margarita.. It was meh for a margarita and didn't taste like ginger or pineapple at all.

I will definitely be going back, though. I can't wait to try their Elote!


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