Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 11 & Pizza

Michael (what we call the mayor, because calling him Bloomberg is confusing) told us New Yorkers to go about our daily business on September 11th, so that's what we did. Those 2 little blue dots off in the distance are the beams from ground zero. Below are photos of the Empire State Building lit up all red, white & blue. I took all of these photos from the India St. ferry pier.
Most of Sunday's ceremonies were for families of victims, and we were too paranoid about taking public transit, so we stayed in. We think we might go to the unveiling of the monument this weekend, which is open to the public.
And then we ate pizza at Paulie Gee's. Metromix claimed this as the best pizza in NYC (although, not traditional NYC style) and it's right here in lil ole Greenpoint!
Below is the oven they cook it in.
We had The Greenpointer with prosciutto. We like our neighborhood so much that we feel it's appropriate to eat it, too. This was covered in arugala, shaved parm cheese & lemon juice.
This had super crispy (almost fried) pepperoni and was drizzled with a special honey that is harvested in Brooklyn and fermented with vinegar & red chiles. www.mikeshothoney.com It's my favorite. You can buy the honey in bottles at the bar, which I want to do, so that I can make some kind of awesome coffee cake with it.
The pizza is baked with fiore di latte, which is mozzarella made from cow's milk, instead of buffalo.
And then there's the 2nd best part of Paulie Gee's, which is the bathroom. This picture on the wall indicated to me which room was for ladies.
 There is no fear that anyone will forget to load a new roll of T.P. on. I want this for my own bathroom.
No one is getting through the door with this lock.

 And a cute, dainty mirror on the wall.
 Where is the sink? Outside of the W.C. I washed my hands next to a dude. He commented on the all the cool fixtures in the bathroom, too!

I took some pics of us eating, but they turned out to be open-mouth mastication shots...so I'll spare you!

Karlen left for home today, and I'll miss her, but it's also nice to get back into the routine. Tonight, it's back on Weight Watchers for us. We're also excited about finding Battlestar Galactica on Netflix streaming! Getting Netflix has been a little dangerous for our social lives...

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