Sunday, September 18, 2011

My first foray into Queens

Forget what you've heard about Queens! It's a great place. I used Karlen's visit as an excuse to explore it. We went to PS1/MoMA first. It was interesting, but since neither one of us has ever studied art, especially contemporary art, we had a hard time finding an excuse to stay for very long. The concept of the building is cool, though, and I would recommend seeing it.
 Then I wanted to show Karlen the awesome-possum graffiti that you can see from the M train. I found the location, but then couldn't figure out how to get on the roof, which is where all of the really neat and beautiful paintings are. We saw a few neat ones from the ground.
 Then I found the cabbage patch of roach coaches. All shiny & new! Ready to be born and serve knishes to the masses! Actually, I have no idea what this place was, or why all the food carts were there, but the door was open so I took a picture.
That's it! When we came home, we treated ourselves to some Papacito's, which I'll show you tomorrow!

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