Friday, October 21, 2011

Before I was a New Yorker, I was just someone who visited New York

Ryan bought me roses for my first visit to see him. That makes 2 times total in our whole relationship, but that's O.K. with me because it just makes me sad when they die. This way, I didn't have to see them die, because I was gone by the time that happened!
Ryan was staying in a sublet before I moved up there. It had the most awesome kitchen I've ever seen! Only the fridge had been updated since the 70s. Possibley 60s.
Be careful with that shag carpet, you could get lost in it!!
It was more of a dijon color than these photos let on.

I am always jealous of the double oven!
...what the hell is an automatic meat probe? This was a feature of the oven.
And Ryan had to take a tourist photo of me, since I took one of him.
And we'll finish up with a couple pictures of our favorite watering hole, Black Rabbit! I love the antlers on the walls and the things in jars!

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