Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tourists in our own city

 The standard Times Square shot. Everyone needs one of these, so we figured we'd get it out of the way.
 I've always seen pictures of this, but I had no idea how beautiful it was up close. And huge.
 Also enormous up close. We didn't realize that it was below street level and completely missed it at first.

 When Ryan dies, this is where he will go to heaven. He is still a registered Lego-Maniac.
 I actually go to FAO Schwartz a lot because they have the cleanest bathrooms in Midtown and the ones in Central Park are beyond frightening.
 St. Patrick's Cathedral. I light a candle for Ryan's Dad.
 I took this picture because I thought this giant head was incredibly creepy, but I really like the way it turned out.
 For the love of carbonated juice. If you have Fizzy Lizzy where you live, you must buy a case. Grapefruit is my favorite and it's the only thing I want to consume anymore. Ever. With rum.
Forget the falafel cart*, I'll take extra butter for my 8 pounder, please.

*Don't actually forget the falafel cart. I love you, Halal lamb over rice with salad and Tzaziki sauce at 2 in the morning...When you live in NYC, you'll understand this, too.

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  1. I want a fizzy lizzy! Never had one, but it sounds yum! My hubs is a lego maniac! ha. And, I have never had a falafle. For shame.