Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"THE" Library

 I wanted to climb on a lion, but they were actually pretty inaccessible. And big. Really Big.
 All I could think about was the enormous wasted space. I guess it was pretty. They were having a centennial celebration.
 So much art. Everywhere.
 I waited for ghosts. None came.
 I would love to take book requests all day from here.
 I wouldn't mind rainy days in New York if I could look up at work and just see this. It hasn't rained here in 7 days and I think that's some kind of record.
 What?!?!?! Look who's here! The originals!
I'm NOT a Winnie the Pooh fan by ANY means. I actually distance myself from Disney as much as possible, but for children's literature, there's no denying the historic significance of these little dudes.
They looked so well loved. All the imagination that was oozing out of them left me a little weepy.

I'm so happy to be getting all of these photos off the camera. They've been on there for so long! I hope you're enjoying all of them!

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