Thursday, October 13, 2011

I have cute cats and I make the best meatloaf you've ever tasted.

 Godel in my desk area. Licking the bills to makes sure they've been paid.
 Keeping my computer warm. Yes, I have a 10 year old Sony Vaio. Yes, it's very slow. Yes, I'm emotionally attached to it.
 In various states of sleep and getting cat hair all over the dining room table.This actually kind of reminds me of "Curl Up."
Would you just look at that? Sour Cream and Onion Mashed Potatoes and Glazed Meatloaf. That's tomato gravy in the little boat. Ryan always requests this for his birthday, and I'm more than willing to comply. In addition to using all these beautiful pieces of fiesta ware, I tried new recipes for everything. My favorite cooking mag of all time, Cook's Country didn't let me down. Do you guys know about this? It's from the makers of America's Test Kitchen. You should run yourself to a bookstore right now and discover the loveliestness that it is. Every recipe is tested so many times that it's IMPOSSIBLE to screw it up!

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