Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bean Burriiiiiitos!

1,200 calorie burritos got you feeling like...a big fat burrito?
A member of my weight watchers meeting (I'm down 26 lbs!) shared this recipe for 3 points + bean burritos! It's so tasty, that I make a batch of 8 and freeze them. Here's how:
Purchase 1 point tortillas, like the ones above. They are Ole brand "Extreme Wellness" high fiber, low carb whole wheat tortillas. They are true to their extreme nature. I get them at Kroger, and I like them above all of the other 1 point tortillas out there because they are a little bigger, about 10" and they stay soft after freezing and reheating.  The, on each burrito, spread a laughing cow light cheese. There is a queso fresco and chipotle flavored one and it's the best for these burritos. I've used the weight watchers brand ones as well, but they don't freeze and reheat as nicely.

Then dump a can of fat free refried beans into a bowl and mix into a half cup of fat free salsa. Spoon it evenly onto each cheese covered tortilla.Then fold each one up and wrap individually in saran wrap. Freeze until solid. Reheat in the microwave for about 1 minute or until there isn't a refried bean popsicle in the middle. Ew.

For this batch, I used 99% fat free refried black beans instead of the pinto variety. I think they taste pretty good. Ryan loves heating them up in the middle of the night to eat. Soooo much healthier than a taco bell run!

To sum this all up:
8 high fiber, low carb tortillas (with 1 weight watchers point + each)
8 laughing cow wedges (queso fresco and chipotle flavored, and there are 8 wedges per wheel)
1 can fat free refried beans
1/2 cup fat free salsa

You could also throw in some taco seasoning to make it even Mexicanier. 

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  1. I <3 la vache qui rit! I didn't know you had this blog - and I miss you too