Thursday, April 21, 2011

We've been spending our last days together (OMG, the heartbreak) eating at all the signature places in Cincinnati, and sentimental eateries that we won't have in NYC. Some mean more to Ryan and some more to me, but I am not the kind of person who eats out by themselves, ever, so we're squeezing into this last week here. How in the hell I managed to lose 0.6 of a lb. this past week at my Weight Watchers weigh in is beyond me, since we ate out 4 times last week!

 Here we have the Anchor Grill in Covington, KY. Their motto is, "we may doze, but we never close." They are really worried about their business because they have just banned smoking in restaurants in Kenton County. We thought we'd pay them a visit. I wish I could have taken pictures of the inside, but my Mother-in-law gets really embarrased when I take pictures of food, etc, so I resisted, and insisted on taking pictures of the outside.
We also went to Graeter's for ice cream. It's the honest-to-God best ice cream ever. Again, no pictures. Boo hoo.

Also, I'm still working on the post of all the sweet clothes I scored at the clothing swap. I am going to wear the world's cutest dress on Easter!

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  1. I always lose weight when I least expect to. It's weird that way. Seems like they are banning smoking everywhere. While I don't like inhaling cigarette smoke 2nd hand, it's ridiculous to have government controlling it. It's so rough on businesses. BUUUUT enough of the politics. I wish you would have been able to take pics of the food, but I understand :)
    You have quite the adventures.