Saturday, April 2, 2011

Well, now, this just really sucks

I am employed part-time at the local public library. Since I've been working there, 3 years now, I've actually clocked 40 hours a week by filling in extra hours at other branches who have open positions or people out on sick leave, etc. Well, a couple weeks ago, our Governor announced a budget cut for Ohio's libraries. In order to save money, the Hamilton County district says that anyone employed part-time can't pick up extra hours, in order to save $, because we're also implementing a hiring freeze. We wouldn't save any money if we just gave those hours to other people. Some branches complained, because they have, like, 2 employees, and they got some special permission to give out some extra hours. So, in one day, I went from 40 hours a week, to 20 hours, back up to 25...I guess I can't complain because I still have a job. I sent Hubby a text message about it, and 20 minutes later, he found out that all of his funding was cut out. He doesn't get to teach anymore. He'll get one more paycheck.

Thank God this was waiting for me when I got home.
Ryan and I discovered this luscious deliciousness on our honeymoon in Key West at a place called The Rum Bar, which boasts the world's largest selection of Rum. Ryan said to the bartender that he wasn't a big fan of Rum, but he really liked sipping on bourbon. The bartender told us about Pritchard's, which is concocted in Tennessee in bourbon barrels, and is, well, awesome. I bought a bottle for our anniversary, and it's comforted me in more ways that it will ever know.

Since then, things are slightly looking up. I hope I'll have some awesome announcements soon. Until then, thanks for being le super blog-o-sphere. You, hubs and Prairie Home Companion are makin' me real happy.

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  1. That is so intense. I'm sorry the job-carousel-of-doom is being a hot mess. <3 Love you and will send you all my good vibes.