Monday, April 25, 2011

What I Did Last Weekend

Easter, of course.
 First, Easter Brunch at Brother's house.
 My niece and sister. They would die if they saw this.
 Sister-in-Law, Mom, Dad.
 It was also Brother's birthday. He got caramel apple pie.

 other niece. and the rabbit came.
 And then we headed to Mother-in-Law's. Other Sister-in-Law brought cupcakes. Gigi's Cupcakes.
 At the top left, there is one hot fudge sundae, and the rest are bourbon pecan pie.
 Then lemon ice-box, vanilla with buttercream, chocolate with buttercream, and more hot fudge sundae.
 And the tastiest cupcake of all...

 I found out that opera creams are only a Cincinnati thing. Must stock up before going to NYC.
 Big men filling big shoes.
I love those baked pineapple rings.
 And one more Cincinnati Bucket List item. The pizza that I dream about.


  1. I've never had Adriaticos! I must try it. I've been loving Mellow Mushroom since it came here a few months ago mmmmmmm

  2. Adriatico's is the BEST! those cupcakes look pretty fancy...where is the cupcake shop at?

  3. Angela's Eyes: I've been wanting to try Mellow Mushroom! I also highly recommend Naked Pizza in Rookwood if you haven't yet.

    Lara: Gigi's is a chain. They are all over the US. Cyndi brought these to Villa Hills from Louisville.