Monday, April 18, 2011

What I Did Last Weekend

 First, we broke the news to the kitties that we were moving away. They were sad that they were going to have to transfer schools and leave all their friends behind. We told them it was O.K., and now they'll have pen pals. Thank God we don't have real kids and don't have to deal with that.
 Then I drove by some places that I'm not going to drive by again for a long time. Like my high school, which is also where Ryan and I got married.
 Eden Park. I'll miss the view.

 THEN! I did something REALLY FUN! I went to a clothing swap! About 25 ladies brought over all the clothes they don't want any more, and we put them in a room and picked out what we wanted.
 I brought two shopping bags full of stuff to get rid of so that I wouldn't have to move it...and only came home with one bag. I'll post pictures tomorrow of my new outfits.
 Andrea, Claudia and Erica imbibe on the tasty treats at the party.
 We also ate at the new Cincinnati location of Naked Pizza, which is a chain, and super healthy.
A piece of pizza from a regular, large, cheese pizza is 8 weight watchers points plus. A piece the same size from Naked Pizza is 4 points plus. Score. We got mozzarella, red sauce, fresh garlic and fresh basil on ours. They only have take out and delivery, and since we had to drive it all the way home after ordering online, it was the perfect temperature and we didn't burn the roofs of our mouths. What really makes it healthy is the crust, which is made with whole grains, seeds, agave, prebiotics and probiotics. This is our new favorite way to eat pizza.

And that wraps up what we did this weekend. What about you?


  1. Clothes swap!? Sounds AWESOME! That pizza sounds perfect! I am all about finding healthy yummy food! I wish we had one here, but it probably wouldn't do good. Not that many healthy eating places stay open very long over here where I live.

  2. cats are a billion times better than kids :)