Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What I Checked Out of the Library Vol 2

Here is what's new at the library! Well, some of it isn't new, but I highly recommend them!
First is The Baby Thief by Barbara Bisantz Raymond. It is the biography of a woman who more or less popularized adoption in the United States, but basically kidnapped most of the kids she adopted out. It is going to be so thrilling. She would pretend to be a social worker or a kindly neighbor and offer to take sick children to the hospital and pay for their care for poor parents. Then she would tell the parents their baby had died, and would sell the child to someone else.
 Fodor's New York City 2011. This one's a given, and is making me REALLY excited!
 The Pot and How to Use It, by Roger Ebert. Yes, the Roger Ebert. And the "pot" in question is the rice cooker. He is apparently obsessed  with his and so he wrote a book about it. I was hoping this would be a recipe book, but it's actually more a history of rice and the rice cooker. It's really interesting!
And finally, Home from the Hardware Store, by Stephen Antonson. It's a how-to kinda book about all kinds of crafty things to do with stuff from the hardware store. I can't wait! I'll have so much free time coming up here shortly. Ryan is going to New York in about a week and a half while he works on a right-to-hire contract. When he signs a longer contract, hopefully in about 2 months or less, then I'll follow him there. In that mean time, which I've been calling, "My Bachelorette Days," or, more accuratly, "My Sad and Lonely Days," I'll have lots of me time to craft and read. Since Ryan and I are attached at the hip and completely and unapologetically co-dependent, I actually don't do as much reading as you would think! We're usually doing things together, like walking, watching movies, cooking, hanging out with our parents, etc.

Well, I'm really liking this weekly feature to my blog! I think I'll keep it up!


  1. Hey! Found you through Under Those Neon Lights blog...I haven't met anyone also in the Cincy area! But you're moving to NYC, how exciting ☺


  2. i like this weekly feature as well - the adoption book sounds wild....