Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What to check out Volume 1

 People are constantly asking me for book recommendations. I decided to devote a weekly post to new (and older) things that have come into the library collection for people to see! Above, we have Pasta! by the Academia Barilla. It is an all knowing compendium of all things pastic. I just made that word up. Pastic. Of, or having to do with pasta. I like it. I think I'll recommend it to my friend Daniel Webster. Just kidding, I'm not really friends with him. I almost died once on the Daniel Webster Highway in New Hampshire though. That's another story for another time, and now I'm rambling.

edit: I've spent my whole life thinking that Daniel Webster was the dictionary guy. Turns out, that's Noah Webster. No relation.
 The history of pasta, from the very beginning. A guide to every single pasta shape and variation of that shape. The difference between Milanese and Genovese pasta. I didn't even know there was a difference. Huh.
 And of course, recipes. The photography alone was worth checking this out. I flipped through the whole thing the first time just looking at the pictures. And getting really hungry.
 Oh, also, the book is ENORMOUS.

 And here we have a craft book. Remake It! by Tiffany Threadgould. No, I did not purposelly pick out two books with exclamation points in the title. They're just both really excited about their contents!
 The first thing that caught my eye was crafty ways to repurpose CD spindles and jewel cases. I, for one, have a few of these lying around.
 And with Spring here, and fresh berries approaching, this craft with plastic berry baskets and plastic grocery bags looked like fun.
And a piece of Fiction. Tomato Red by Daniel Woodrell. Woodrell is one of my new favorite fiction authors. He wrote Winter's Bone, which was recently made into a movie and The Death of Sweet Mister. Since I loved both of those books, and rural America is my favorite literary subject, I can't wait to read this.

Well, that wraps up the first edition of "What's Good at the Library." Still not sure what to call this series, actually. "What's Hot at the Library" is already taken by the library itself. Hmm. Any suggestions? "Read This or I Won't Be Your Friend Anymore" is also a possibility.

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  1. Holy moley, I love pasta. Any pasta dish just about. Except seafood pastas.

    Winter's Bone. I want to see the movie. It was filmed really close to where I live.