Sunday, April 10, 2011

Heart attacks are soooo delicious

Up front apologies to anyone who has a loved one that has ever suffered from a heart attack. The food I am about to talk about, though, will seriously give you a heart attack.

A patron at the library asked if anyone had any good recommendations on places to eat and things to see and shops to shop in New Orleans. I started to drool as I told her about all my fun times of yesteryear with my BFFs Joe, Katie and Ashley.

Ryan & Meghan-1904

That last photo is from my wedding. All three of those people flew and drove from seperate corners of the earth just to watch me get married in lil ole Cincinnati, OH. I couldn't love them more.

So when this patron asked me where to eat, I immediately thought of one of their favorite places:
The Camellia Grill

They took me to this omelette mecca each time I came to visit them. Here, they whip eggs in a milkshake makers to get them super fluffy before frying. Their signature dish is an omelette covered in chili.
image via fleurdelicious

If you order pecan pie, they cut a slice and then fry on the griddle in butter.
image via roadfood

I ended up making this poor girl a list of every place I wish I had the chance to go back to right now. Bars, stores, museums, places to walk, etc. I am pretty sure this poor girl thought I was about to stowaway in her suitcase, and I seriously thought about it.

Cut to three weeks later when she came back. She said that everything I recommended was perfect and she and her boyfriend loved it. They even bought me this little tile/trivet/plaque thing as a "Thank You." It made me feel so special!

Doesn't it feel good to be admired for your opinions?

Now excuse me. I'm gonna go see if there is a Cooking Light recipe for chili covered omelettes and pecan pie...


  1. Great post!

    Pecan isn't as popular here, but I absolutely love it! I often sprinkle it on my oatmeal and then soak it with maple syrup, yum :P

  2. AWESOME! ha ha ha. Fried Pecan Pie??? Oh my dear... I am so glad I don't have access to this place.

  3. Yes, it is seriously awesome. It's the best diner ever. The wait staff are equally awesome, too.