Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Saw It and I Liked It

Did you guys have a good week? It rained almost every day here. I helped my Mom weed the garden at my parent's farm and the weeds just slid out of the mud in our hands. It was crazy. We weeded for 3 hours and now my thighs feel like they're gonna fall off. I am really out of shape!

But here are some great things that made me laugh through the rain:

First up, the ole "Fake Head in the Bed Prank." via imgur

And then, since we're currently in love with all things Brooklyn, we have the sneak peek at the Beastie Boys new album, with a star-studded music video for their new single, "Make Some Noise."  via Billboard

Then, while reading Housewifery, an adorable blog, she shared this about budget shopping in 1937. Check out some of her shopping list items!
And speaking of domestics, and speaking of how rad and cool we're going to instantly be when we transplant to NYC, here are some Lego Kitchen Crafts  from Evil Mad Scientist that are so clever that I just wanna die. Ryan is still a registered Lego Maniac, and did a co-op for GE Plastics, where they developed plastic for Lego!
This napkin holder is modeled after the Brooklyn Bridge!

And this post about noses rejoicing from Danielle and Dinosaur Toes made me wish even more that it wasn't so rainy here. There better be some serious flower action this May. Seriously. What she did with these lilacs to her adorable dog made me want a dog to put flowers on. 

And that'll be all. I hope you're having a great Easter!

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