Monday, April 4, 2011

One my most favorite places in the WHOLE WORLD

The Ohio Valley Antique Mall! It's in Springdale, OH, not too far from Cincinnati, and open 7 days a week, from 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. It was pretty busy for a Monday morning, too! When I go here, I always go with nothing particular in mind. Today, though, I was on the hunt for a birthday gift for my Mom. She collects 2 things; Pie Birds and match stick holders that you hang on the wall. I've always seen tons of them here, and when she and I go together, she always picks up one or the other.
The place is in a strip mall, and is about the square footage of a Wal*Mart. Seriously. It's comprised of hundreds of squared off booths that people rent to sell their stuff. Pictured above is a booth that had some neat treasures. In the picture below, I raised my camera way over my head to help give a scope of how expansive the place is. The areas are divided into "streets" to help organize the place. Even so, I get lost every time.
I thought these Apollo Mission glasses were really cute. They were the perfect size. It was really hard to remember that I wasn't here to buy stuff for myself. In another booth, I even saw the matching carafe for these!
A giant pink lighter. I can't think of a reason not to own this. If it is still there next time I go, I am definitely getting it for my purse. How hilarious would that be?
And below here, we have a pair of longhorns. I have always wanted a pair of these for my 2000 Toyota Echo. If you knew my Echo, you would know that this would be the perfect fit.
My Fiestaware collecting soul was swooning over these sets! I just broke my only piece of Rose colored Fiesta!
You can even buy whole mantel pieces.

Mama said...
O.K. forget mantels, go for the whole bedroom.

I can't tell if that Chrysler 300 part is a joke or not.
I would love to do my hair and make-up in front of this everyday!
And this was the funniest find of all. I thought it was a little pill box for diet pills.
But this was inside instead! That little knife was a tiny 1/2 inch brooch! I wonder if you'd be able to wear that on a plane...

And there are the two matchstick holders that I came home with. I hope Mom likes them. I know she doesn't have any brass ones like these in her collection. I didn't see a single pie bird, either!P.S. Yes, I am sure these things are a fire hazzard, because they have striking pads on them, but my Mom is really care about them! She doesn't keep matches in them!


  1. Those are some really great finds. I love the pastel dinning sets.

  2. Oh WOW!! How on earth have I never been there before?? Okay, must get out there this weekend...thanks for the introduction, Meghan!

  3. Alli, I don't know how long you've lived in the area, but this place replaced The Brass Armadillo, which was in West Chester. Since Ohio Valley Antique mall is right down the road from Jungle Jims, it makes a great Saturday! I want to suggest however that you take cash and leave your credit cards at home!